How to Have a Good General Healthy Body

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A healthy body is the key to happiness in life. If you are down with unfit physique you are always low on stamina that debars you from taking up further challenges and eventually succeed in life. Now, achieving a healthy body is no rocket science- it just requires you to follow certain moderations and restrictions so that you don’t go overboard with your bad practices. The post here jots down the most essential tips to follow to ensure a good general healthy body, grey active ultra

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Healthy balanced diet

To ensure a good general healthy body you must focus on a healthy diet. A nutritious diet comprises of fresh vegetables, fish, fruits and lean meat. You must have minimum one glass of milk everyday- this is more important for women as the fairer sex often suffer from calcium deficiency over time. A handful of nuts would be an amazing snack in between your meals. Do not overeat as it would not only make you obese but can also result in serious digestion troubles. The doctors always advise to have the meals in small proportion, say divided in 5-6 turns rather than 3 major meals. It’s because smaller meals enhances the metabolism rate of the body helping in easy digestion and fat loss. formexplode

Cut on bad food & lifestyle habits hallu forte τιμή

If you are looking forward to a balanced and healthy living you must cut down on your bad food and lifestyle habits. So try to avoid the excessive sugary or sweetened foods as well as those sinfully rich in fat contents. You need to check your caffeine, smoke and alcohol intake as well. If you are a foodie who is head over heels in love with the junk stuffs and cannot think your life without them- restrict these to once or twice a month.


Stay hydrated

It’s important that you keep your body well hydrated all through the day and night. It’s advised to take minimum 8 glasses of water everyday.


Exercise is one of the keywords of achieving a healthy body. A daily workout regimen ensures proper functioning of every organ in your body and confirms a healthy blood circulation. Thus, added to a very healthy diet one must engage himself in at least 30 minutes of exercise everyday. You don’t have to hit the gym always, a brisk morning walk or cycling or swimming would be well enough.

Sleep well

Along with a regular exercise routine, you must allow adequate rest for your body. The doctors always advise to have minimum 6-7 hours of sleep daily as sleep deprivation can beget a serious toll on your health. A body is like a machine that needs to relax after continuous functioning.

Stress free life

A healthy body is not achieved through proper food and exercise. You must ensure a good mental health to confirm a proper physical health. Thus, it’s important that you get rid off all the negative thoughts and look forward to a stress free life- yoga practice or meditation would be of excellent help here.

Finally, don’t forget occasional visits to your physician to assure that everything is in order.

Beauty and Skin Care – Healthy Beauty Tips

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Every woman out there loves to look beautiful. It might be that you are blessed with an ethereal countenance but still you need to maintain a proper beauty care regimen to ensure the dazzling look for years to come. It won’t require you to shell out dollars for expensive salon beauty programs every month- just a few simple tips would be enough to preserve your glory.

Healthy diet

The primary most beauty care lies in healthy diet. You have to focus on fresh fruits and green leafy vegetable dominated dishes everyday to maintain a healthy immune body. If you’re not good from inside you can never look pretty outside. Avoid too much of oily snacks and fat rich gourmet.


Cut down on alcohol & smoke

You should cut down on both alcohol and smoke as these drive out necessary fluid from your body leady to an unwanted dried out appearance. Your skin is going to suffer a lot if you are not reducing your smoke and liquor frequencies.

Use herbal skin care products

It’s advised that you stick to herbal skin care products only. The chemical based skin care products have proved to be harmful for the skin when used on long term- most importantly the chemical based skin care stuffs have led to bad side kicks in many cases which is not the case with herbal goodies. The best part is that the herbal ones ensure the needed gentle touch on your delicate skin.


Scrub & moisturize

Scrubbing and moisturizing are key to a healthy glowing skin. Scrubbing is vital to relieve your skin from all the dirt and oil deposition that might otherwise would have led to severe acne problems. The scrubbing part should be followed by an even moisturization. Actually the skin dries out as you scrub and thus you need to apply a coat lotion to get back the needed moisture for your skin.

Sun-screen lotion

Sun rays are really damaging for the skin. Hence, it’s necessary that you use a good sunscreen lotion everytime you go out in the sun. You must also carry an umbrella during daytime.


Stay hydrated

Water is very essential for your skin. It’s because water helps your body to flush out all the toxins and impurities, gifting you a clear body and skin in turn. The pimple or acne problems mostly result from an impure body.

Exercise daily

Daily exercise helps to improve blood circulation in the body that in turn contributes to a healthy glowing countenance. It could be anything such as brisk walking, dancing, swimming, cycling, jogging etc. Just make sure to continue minimum 30 minutes of exercise 6 days a week, if not daily.

Remove makeup before retiring

It’s always important that you remove makeup at night before you retire. Long presence of makeup on your face is really bad for the skin health.

Stay positive

Audrey Hepburn said once- “Happy girls are the most beautiful!” The Roman Holiday star has always been widely appreciated for her ravishing looks and she surely knows the secret to beauty. So, always keep a positive frame of mind and lead a stress free life to look your beautiful best.

15 Simple Health Tips – For a healthy lifestyle

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A healthy lifestyle is the most needed to ensure a fulfilling life. The hustle bustle of daily life puts huge strain on life calling for a very healthy lifestyle. Now, that doesn’t imply that you need sign up with the expensive fitness programs here- there are some really easy and simple tips to help you in making the most of your life. Below is an account of 15 simple health tips.


  • You must take complex carbohydrates regularly as these render sustainable energy to your body. The sources include whole bread, brown rice, brown pasta, oats, pulses, beans, lentils & leafy green vegetables.
  • You have to lessen regular intake of refined or simple carbohydrates as these carry less nutritional value. Avoid foods like white bread, white rice, white pasta, soft drinks, biscuits and cakes.
  • You have to focus on daily consumption of easy digestible protein as protein is the building blocks of the body. Protein rich foods include chicken, fish, nuts, lentils, pulses, beans and seeds.


  • Consume good fats in your daily diet. The good fats are found in foods like avocados, oily fish, seeds, nut, olive oil & green leafy veggies.
  • Try to focus on seasonal local foods as these contain better nutritional value in comparison to those foods which are commuted in refrigerated cans from far away lands. Canned foods are always lesser in nutritional value.
  • You must be careful about your meal proportions. Instead of 3 large meals, take to 5-65 small meals. It helps in improving metabolism rate that in turn assures faster weight loss.


  • Regular eating is extremely important to ensure proper functioning of brain and other organs of the body. Do not ever make the mistake of skipping breakfast.
  • Do not overeat. Overeating not only leads to obesity but also to many digestive disorders. Eat for needs and not to overcome and emotional stress.
  • You must chew the food properly. Remember digestion starts from your mouth. A thorough chewing ensures a better efficient digestive system.


  • Never eat at late night, say post 8 p.m. You should now that at late night the bodily energy works to mend worn-out cells and cannot help in digestion. Thus, late night eating might lead to abdominal discomfort.
  • Reduce taking stimulants like caffeine or tea. You can switch to herbal tea rather which are great in nutritional value.
  • Cut down on your alcohol consumption and smoking. Both of these only put excess pressure on your health.
  • You must take minimum 8 glasses of water everyday. It’s necessary to keep your body hydrated. Water helps to flush out all the harmful toxins from your body.
  • You have to exercise daily. If you can’t hit gym, take to minimum 30 minutes of brisk walking or jogging at least 5-6 days a week.
  • You have to get yourself adequate rest and make sure to lead a stress free life. Focus on positive thinking, try out meditation, get yourself nice vacations- self indulgence in positive things at times are really necessary for a fulfilling life

Diet and Nutrition Tips for Healthy Eating and Diets

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A balanced healthy diet is the most crucial to a good living. When you are armed with a nutritious dietary routine you have all the body organs functioning properly creating a strong immunity shield against any ailment attack. A healthy diet involves maximum concentration on nutrition rich substances and cutting down on unwanted junk stuffs, sans depriving yourself from the needed calories. Here goes a brief discussion that lays down effective diet and nutrition tips for you.


Balanced diet

A balanced diet comprises of adequate protein & carbohydrates. Thus, you must include beans, meats, or fish in your daily diet for steady protein consumption. In regards to carbohydrates, go for green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, pasta and whole grains.

Vegetable salad/soup daily

You must get yourself vegetable soup or salad everyday, prior to meals. The process can help you to cut down around 30 to 50 percent of calories sans starving & without getting malnourished. Try to avoid the fat-rich salad dressings like mayo- however, you can relish it once in a while but don’t make it a routine. In regards to soup, brew it up yourself & don’t for the canned options.


Egg breakfast everyday

The biggest mistake that people make when it comes to diet is skipping the breakfast. They feel that by skipping it they are restricting their overall consumption that would help them to trim down. This is so wrong because when you’re hungry since morning you usually start craving for food that eventually results in overeating. Thus, always be sure to have a filled proper breakfast. Eggs are a great help as once you are stuffing yourself with calories you won’t find yourself craving for them throughout the day.


Fruity snack

Fruity snack is really essential to ensure a healthy diet. Apple and bananas would really serve well here You must have heard the old saying- “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”- no wonder apple can be your bestie when you’re looking for a healthy diet routine. Many might argue that banana is adding sugar to your diet but that’s natural; sugar & not the processed one is junk stuffs.

Cut down on junk

You must cut down on your consumption of junk stuffs. Do you know that these junk foods are one of the major reasons behind the alarming problems of obesity today? Besides, too much of junk also result in severe ailments & bodily disorders. So, you have to cut down on your intake of candies, colas and other processed sugar rich foods. These only harm the body by reducing the nutrients.

Avoid addiction

You must avoid your usual addictions like alcohol, smoke, and caffeine. Akin to junk foods, these too work to deteriorate your health.

Check portions

A healthy diet not only involves incorporating the nutritious elements- rather it also covers your style of consumption. The fitness experts always advise to break down your entire meal structure into 5-6 proportions instead of 3 big meals. This help in improving metabolism that further helps in proper digestion, better body functioning & faster fat loss.

Rehabilitation of Ankle and Foot Injuries

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Your ankle and foot are the most suffered part of your body as these are the ones outing up with your entire body weight. Whether you are sitting or running or jogging or walking, it’s your feet and ankle that bear the maximum pressure. Thus, ankle and foot are pretty common and the frequency is more especially in case of the athletes. The injuries are varied demanding respective rehab exercise programs. The post here is a brief overview on types of rehab exercises advised for different ankle and foot injuries.

Ankle lateral sprain

Ankle lateral sprains are mostly common among the athletes. The situation is caused due to plantar flexion and excessive inversion of reafoot on tibia. Injured ligament is located at lateral aspect of your ankle & include anterior talofibular, posterior talofibular & calcenofibular.


Early rehab for ankle lateral sprain starts with towel stretches & wobbles board motion range activities. Stationery biking helps in dorsiflexion & plantar-flexion motion within a controlled ambience – also provides cardiovascular workout regimen for athletes. Joint mobilizations are induced as well & hydrotherapy is also common. The next rehab routine for ankle lateral sprain comprises of balance activities & neuromuscular control program.

Syndesmodic & medial ankle sprain

Syndesmodic sprain is caused by disruption of interosseous ligament. On the other hand, media sprain results from excessive eversion & dorsiflexion that injure deltoid ligament. Patients suffering from medial sprain are found with inflamed & discolored ankle.


Initial rehab treatment for syndesmodic and media sprain conditions includes immobilization of patients & movement with crutch aid. Length of immobilization would vary depending on severity of sprain- the focus would be on swelling & pain management. After some days, if the patient feels strong enough to bear weight, he/she might be given crutches for minimal movement. The rehab programs for both the sprains cover management of pain, swelling, motion range, strength, balance & neuromuscular control.

Plantar Fasciitis

The condition is caused by straining of fascia near the origin. During the normal standing, your fascia is subjected to minimal stress but when you shift weight to balls of feet, fascia gets under severe stress & strain. Plantar Faciitis condition mostly results from chronic running in poor footwear or with improper technique. Lordosis is another major reason behind fascia strain.

The initial rehab steps for fascia strain begins with effective pain control measures, These include taking to adequate rest, no excessive weight bearing activities as well as wearing supportive and comfortable shoes. A heel cup addition to the patient’s usual shoe is also advised at times. The rehab clinician would advise for slant-board stretches, towel stretches  & joint mobilization techniques. After that, your clinician advises you for some strengthening exercises like little toe-big toe raises, towel crutches, short-foot exercises etc.


Achilles tendonitis

It can be defined as a pianfuul inflammatory condition which involves Achilles tendon or/and tendon sheath. It’s most usual overuse injuries common in the distance runners. The primary rehab treatment for the condition proceeds with assuring less stress on the affected area- by placing an additional heel cup to the shoe. Activity modification, resting & cross-friction massage are advised too. Besides, stretching & strengthening of gastrocnemious-soleus complex are incorporated.

Spinal Health: Back & Neck Injury Treatment

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Back and neck injuries can lead to severe painful conditions. It could result from sudden accidents like whiplash or otherwise improper lifestyle and work habits can even inflict bad injuries to your spinal health. Back and neck injuries are varied in nature ranging from muscle strain, muscle sprain, cricked neck, muscle irritation, disk problems etc. There are a variety of treatment methods to take care of back and neck injuries- here is an overview on treatments related to spinal health.


Common aides

The minor back and neck injuries can be treated at home only through ice and heat pack.

  • For ice treatment-

If you are sensing disturbances or have injured neck or back, place ice pack overt your affected area. It will help to reduce inflammation & pain to some extent. Place a clean cloth or towel between your ice pack & the skin to eliminate any chance of frostbite. Apply the ice pack for say 15 minutes at a stretch.

  • Applying heat

If you have injured your neck or back, you can apply a hot bag on the affected area. Heat helps the muscles to loosen down that in turn reduces pain. Don’t apply the hot bag directly on your skin and always wrap the bag in clean towel to avoid burns. Keep the heating pad for say 15 minutes.


The doctors even advise to alternate between heat and ice treatments for a more effective result.


Many doctors often advise taking to exercises when you are down with neck and back injuries. The most common exercise here is stretching. A gentle stretching of back and neck helps to loosen the muscle, reducing pain in turn. Repeat the stretching exercise every hour. The other exercises suggested for neck and injuries are yoga postures, Pilates & Eqoscue method.

Medication & injections

Acetaminophen tablets are good to reduce back and neck pain. Take two of them together with a glass full of water. Don’t take those tablets on an empty stomach. There are two types of injections today like Prolotherapy & botox injections that inject medicine directly to the pained site.


Spinal surgery is suggested when home exercises, injections & pain reduction programs have failed to come up with any positive result even after 6 months. However, you must know that spinal surgery is a really complicated issue and cannot deliver 100 percent positive results in many cases. Thus, it’s of utmost importance that you resort to a spinal surgery program only when the other methods have failed and make sure to consult a seasoned specialist only.

Alternative treatments

There are many alternative treatments when it comes to back and neck injuries. These include chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and osteopathy. Together these are known as CAM or Complementary & Alternative Medicine. These are less invasive than traditional surgeries. The good part is that alternative treatments generally do not carry any side kicks and are even less expensive in comparison to conventional spinal surgeries.

As mentioned earlier, long stretches of work is a leading cause of poor spinal health today. Thus, it’s always advised to take to mini breaks during your working hours to lessen spinal fatigue.

Diet Whey Protein: Yay or Nay?

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Wondering how wrestlers, weightlifters, or even any player at any sport gets their very buff and muscular bodies?

If you’re guessing that it’s just in the diet, well you’re probably wrong.


A lot of food supplements nowadays are now gaining popularity and are being used by a growing number of people.

One good example is the very famous “Diet Whey Protein” that even gym people use to be more buff and larger in size.

But for other people who are not familiar with this will be asking: “What is diet whey protein anyway?”, “Does it have side effects?”, and “Are there benefits in taking them?”

Whey protein is basically a mixture of proteins like the ones found in dairy products such as cheese, but in powdered form.

It undergoes a long process before it is transformed into the product itself.

Of course, when you say supplements, there is already a negative perspective of it when it comes to other people because they don’t trust it or they already think that it is bad for your health.

But what they don’t know is that there are a lot of people who use whey protein as a substitute for natural protein-containing foods in their diet.

They also don’t know that having diet whey protein helps in losing weight, prevents cancer-causing diseases, helps people with high-cholesterol and asthma, and most especially, it helps in lowering blood pressure.

But in contrast to that, it is not recommended for people who are allergic in milk to take this supplement for it may cause some serious health problems.

You also have to remember that too much is not good for the body so proper and enough intake of such supplement is a must. Too much whey protein may lead to stomach pains, cramps, fatigue, and a lot more.

Nothing beats the natural way of gaining protein in the body. But that doesn’t mean that supplements are bad for the body, it’s just that it is easier to intake and it has a faster effect on you.

Always remember to take the proper dosage of diet whey protein and do not be too eager to achieve the body you want by taking more of what is recommended for it may lead to more serious problems.

Just keep in mind that proper diet, exercise, and enough sleep are still the primary keys in living a healthy lifestyle.